Document management is very important for small engineering and large global engineering departments. There are more easy system to manage your documents (DMS/PDM) or more complex systems which exports meta data to your ERP system and maintaining the lifecycle of your products (PLM)

For small engineering departments a simple PDM system such as SOLIDWORKS Work Group PDM can do the job. We can assist with the installation and configuration of the Vault. We also can create small applications to make SWPDM easier in use, like an automated name generator to make unique names. Or a description table.

We also can teach you to how use the document management in Onshape.

We also have 10 years’ experience with Keytech PLM. This PLM system with interfaces to all leading CAD systems can organise your lifecycle and workflow and send the information to all leading ERP systems.

The services we can provide are;

  • End user support
  • Training
  • System administration (clients & database)
  • Installation and configuration of automation servers
  • Customised monitoring tools

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